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Welcome to Home Share New York where you can explore opportunities for home sharing in a secure, friendly, and confidential way.

Our knowledgable New York City Home Share staff is passionate and committed to providing the most secure home share opportunities to you.  

Our staff have lived and worked in New York City all their lives. We want to give back to our city by building a community of people with a sense of adventure to explore innovative ways to live affordably in New York City.

Once a member, you will join our community. Dedicated staff members will personally and individually work with you through:

  • an interview to discuss your housing needs, preferences, concerns, and expectations
  • a detailed personality questionaire to determine a good roommate "match"
  • thorough background, credit, reference, and criminal checks of potential roommates
  • investigation and photos of living spaces
  • introductions to potential roommates in your target neighborhood
  • ongoing assistance to assure the success of your match
  • re-matching if the initial match is unsuccessful

We are proud to be members of the National Shared Housing Resource Center NSHRC

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